1 Habit : 100 Habits From the World's Happiest Achievers

1 Habit : 100 Habits From the World's Happiest Achievers


Imagine sitting down with 100 of the most successful individuals on the planet, people that mentor thousands of others to become their greatest selves. That's what we did. We set out to gather habits from the most successful people we could find. We learned not just the habit, but the "Why" as well.

Of the wealth of knowledge each person held, they could each offer only 1 Habit(TM). So, why was their 1 Habit(TM) so important to them? We took the answers and put them into one incredible book, which will allow you to tap into and make these habits your own.

What's the most surprising thing about the people we interviewed for the book and their habits? They're not at all about wealth, fame, or ego--they were about happiness. Even more surprising is each person in 1 Habit(TM) is super successful in business and life. They are not just High Achievers in business only. They are successful across all planes of existence. They are something that we call "Happy Achievers(TM)."

1 Habit(TM) is filled with the simple but powerful habits from "Happy Achievers(TM)" that have led these titans of industry, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Visionaries to the holy grail of success, happiness. Get to know these 100 incredible Habits--take one and make it part of who you are, and it will change you forever. Take five, and you may change the world.

Here's a list of our esteemed contributors, As you get to become familiar with their achievements, and, begin making their habits yours, you'll soon find yourself celebrating happiness at home, at work and in yourself.

Steven Samblis, Dr. Greg Reid, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Frank Shankwitz, Dr. Rebecca Heiss, Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret), Marie Roberts De La Parra, Mark Tufo, John Davis, Eileen McDargh, Dr. Todd Dewett, Erik Therwanger, Billy Arcement, Mark Sanborn, Kathy Gruver, Joy Rains, Linda Zander, Susan Sharp, John Ayo, Rick Broniec, Gaurav Bhalla, Bonnie Low-Kramen, Robert Siciliano, Joe Schmit, Kelly Byrnes, Mike Wittenstein, Jim Cathcart, Mandy Bass, Gary Gopar, Dr. Sue Morter, Michael Gregory, Ray Waite, Dr. Dain Heer, John Floyd, Alan Berg, Theresa Puskar, Art Sobczak, Brent Scarpo, Bill Jelen, Mohamed Tohami, Dr. Hassan Tetteh, Bridgett McGowen, Robert T. Whipple, Sean Glaze, Jeff Davidson, Lea Woodford, Diana Maux, Merrick Rosenberg, Mark Levit, Mat Shaffer, Kristin E. Smith, Jill Christensen, Holly G. Green, Chris Warner, Motoe Haus, Steve Beckles-Ebusua, Raymond Harlall, Lisa Braithwaite, Marc Griffiths, Jason Hewlett, Gail Rubin, Darlene T. Carver, Brandon B. Kelly, Mike Tankel, Ted Ma, Abby Donnelly, Amy Leslie, Jonah White, Naomi Bareket, Alvin Law, Daniel Levine, Katie Mares, Dave Swanson, Roy Smoothe, Michelle Lee Skaletski-Boyd, Tracy Litt, Greg Vetter, Buck Jones, Van C. Deeb, Craig Titley, David Meltzer, Shawn Edwards, Erik Swanson, James Wittaker, Sharon Lechter, Jennifer and Stephanie Sutto, Cort Davies, Jessica Radetsky, Joe Sweeney, Dr. Steve Taubman, Christopher Bollenbach, John Shin, Angelica Bridges, Richard J. Shemin, M.D., Robin Hoffman Haack, Peter B. Stark, Lori McNeil, Krystylle L. Richardson

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